These 3 Things are Worrying Markets in the Week Ahead

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Brendan McDermid | Reuters Brendan McDermid | Reuters

China, commodities and the dollar.

With light trading volume and low staffing, Wall Street should be quiet in the coming week but traders are still watching out for what’s been scaring them most.

“It’s China and commodities and the dollar. Everybody’s going to be looking at those three factors … and obviously the Fed minutes,” said Dan Suzuki, Bank of America Merrill Lynch equity strategist.

Stocks ended the week slightly higher despite fears about Chinese growth that rocked markets Tuesday and Wednesday. China‘s currency devaluation and the continued selloff in commodities markets also spurred talk of deflation and a global growth slowdown. But by Thursday, stock markets were calmer and traders were once more coming around to the view that China’s issues are not so bad that they will stop the Fed from raising interest rates as early as September.

The timing of the U.S…

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