Night Photos of La Ville Lumière

Sarah Richter Photography

Prior to embarking on our trip to France, I contacted a good friend of mine from college (Chris — who had just gotten back from Paris) to see whether or not he brought his tripod with him on their trip, and, if he did, whether or not it was worth the hassle.  I brought my tripod with me on the December 2014 trip that Bryan and I took to New York City, but I did not use it a single time.  I didn’t want to bring it along on our trip to France if it was just going to sit in our hotel room the whole time.  Chris more or less said, Sarah — Paris is The City of Light, if you’re going to bring your tripod on only one trip, it should be this one.  Chris took some excellent night shots during their trip to Paris, and he made a…

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Wanderlust Wednesday – Europe

Triple B blog

There are SO many places I want to visit in Europe, so I’ve made a little short list to share with my readers. Hopefully you will be able to give me some advice & tips if you have visited any of these places! Hopefully I will be able to visit these places soon with my friends. If I didn’t have so many commitments and so little money I’d travel A LOT more, but I can definitely take some long weekends in these destinations.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is definitely top of my list, I’ve been waiting to visit for ages, there is so much I want to see like Anne Frank House, the canal belt, the red light district and of course, I want to experience the night-life! I am hoping I will get to go to Amsterdam very soon, so stay tuned for a new post!

Florence, Italy


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These 3 Things are Worrying Markets in the Week Ahead

Views From The Lake

Brendan McDermid | Reuters Brendan McDermid | Reuters

China, commodities and the dollar.

With light trading volume and low staffing, Wall Street should be quiet in the coming week but traders are still watching out for what’s been scaring them most.

“It’s China and commodities and the dollar. Everybody’s going to be looking at those three factors … and obviously the Fed minutes,” said Dan Suzuki, Bank of America Merrill Lynch equity strategist.

Stocks ended the week slightly higher despite fears about Chinese growth that rocked markets Tuesday and Wednesday. China‘s currency devaluation and the continued selloff in commodities markets also spurred talk of deflation and a global growth slowdown. But by Thursday, stock markets were calmer and traders were once more coming around to the view that China’s issues are not so bad that they will stop the Fed from raising interest rates as early as September.

The timing of the U.S…

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Eating in Barcelona

Lavish Living

Spain Tapas 1Tapas in Barcelona are definitely designed for the tourists.  Everything has a toothpick in it.  Grab a plate take what you want, save the toothpicks.  When finished take the plate with the toothpicks back and they charge you accordingly.  It’s a good system, the bites are interesting and not too expensive, if a little contrived, everything on top of a piece of white bread.  Madrid’s tapas bars were definitely less polished, more like actual little local joints where each specialized in something special and delectable.  Barcelona’s tapas were pretty much the same no matter which place we chose.

Our first day or 2 we did quite a bit of eating at these places.  But we were hungry for some authenticity.  And we had a whole kitchen back at the apartment!  We started scoping out markets.  Of course we went to La Boqueria on las ramblas, probably the most famous market…

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Top tourist activities in Spain

Addicted to Travel

History, a diverse climate, an incredible mix of cultures, and a range of activities mean that the country of Spain is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world. The diverse landscape and peoples make Spain a great destination for vacationers seeking any type of activity. Here are some ideas for things to do in Spain, based on some of the most popular activities.

Visit the Mediterranean

As the Western gatekeeper of the Mediterranean, Spain has long been known for its beautiful beaches and resorts. It is the first of the European countries to border the Mediterranean when journeying east, so it is a natural destination for people from the United States and all over the Americas. Travelers also find a lot of appeal in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean that border Spain on its west coast, above and below Portugal. Northern Spain in particular has…

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